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ZamAni Family Day 2017

The best events of the year.. Our big family organized a family day last saturday.. All of us participated.. A lots of games and activities.. A lots of foods too..*this thing what makes me happy*
We are having fun !!
We have 11 siblings..which is 6 brothers and 5 sisters.. 7 in laws and 22 nieces + nephews.. My Mom and My Dad
Total of us all 42 pax
Haha What a big family i have here guys..

So, i leave you guys with the photos and videos of my family day events..

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Cheated MC

Medical Cert. is important to be submit to your company management for the sick leave. Yes.. That so true..but some of us, using this MC to be an excuse not to go to work for no reason..

Yesterday, i was attacked by whole body was damn i decided to go to the private clinic at my area..

It took half an hour for my turn.. and when i went in to the doc's room..he shakes his head..i was wondered why..then i asked him..he told me :

"Some people came here just to get MC..they are not sick at all, but pretended to be. I'm a doctor and i know they're lie"

ya, i can see..some people cheated, just to get an excuse not to go to work.. but, seriously?? people !! Please..wake up !! before you go to the clinic to lie about the illness / soreness..please..please..please.. make it real !!

Google it first !!

The cause of the disease, symptoms, which part of our body should be involved or shouldn't. All of it. So when the doctor ask, then you know what t…

Kueh Keria Gula Melaka

Kueh Keria is one of Malay Traditional food. Which tradtionally, they use White Sugar to caramelized the Kueh. But in 2016, innovation has made. They caramelized the Kueh with Palm Sugar or they called it Gula Melaka.

Some of them call it Sweet Potato Doughnut

Recipe : Sweet PotatoWheat FlourSaltBaking PowderPalm SugarDirection : Boil sweet potatoes for 10-15 minutes until soften.Squash potatoes evenly and add a pinch of salt.Allow squash potatoes to cool to room temperature.Add wheat flour to squash potatoes and mix well.Shape dough into donuts.Fry doughnuts until they float. Leave aside to cool.In a clean wok, heat palm sugar and water at medium heat.

Self to Self

Dear Self,
I really wanna ask “how are you feeling now?” but i know is an appropriate, i know you are not in a good condition since last few weeks..
I know its hard for you to handle an over-smart-new colleague.. but trust me..its gonna make yourself a great leader someday..
Be patient, i know you can manage your anger and emotion.. you are good in that..did i just admit that you are the very excellent anger manager?? I suppose i am..
I believe in you..
There is a though time.. all people have them.. you gonna be okay.. soon.. trust me..
Self, What you need now is strength.. and i know you will find it in you..


Self Owner

Spanish vs French

I am Malaysian..
Can speak English quite fluent with sort of accents..
Excuse me..

I have learned Spanish..started with the telenovela..
"Maria Mecedes"
"La Intrusa"
"Mis Tres Hermanas"

Then i learned it more and more and thank you to my Friend the a d-jay came from Puerto Rico who teach me a lot..


I can speak Spanish..
But not French..
But i am in learning progress to master French..

I found that French language is beautiful..
But still, i can't easily catching up..
The word spell and the pronunciation have a huge different..
Compared to Spanish..
Much easier to spell and pronounce..

I love this both languages..
I love the Royal History of France..
But the book i have read written in English of course..
I have a very difficult time on pronunciation part..
I always, wrongly pronounce even a French Name..

What a shame..
I'm still trying here..
Trying not to be a perfect one..
But at least trying to be good to a good enough..


In this age..
32 years old !!

I am mature enough to appraise people..

I am "Don't Trust People" type of person !!

Yes.. I am..

I make friends everyday and everywhere..but i only keep few surrounding..
Because there is so many "FRIENEMIES" out there..

In this age..
I don't need a friend who talk behind other friends..
I don't need a friends for girl talk about that boy or that man..
I don't need a friend who asked me for hang out every day and night..
I don't need a friend who judge me for what i suppose to do or what i not to do..
I don't need a friend who spread a bad story about me..
I don't need a friend who stab my back..

What i need..
A friend that i can call sometimes to talk at least 20 minutes on the phone..not a serious talk..just a normal story..
A friend who can spend at least 1 hour at Mamak to share "what happened to you" then go back home..i love to spend my time indoor instead of outdoor..
A friend that i can sh…


Sometimes.. All the things that i had planned went upside down.. Suddenly i lost the view was so hazy.. The path i took no longer the right one.. I feel so weak..
Then i tried to have self-refelection..
Try to find my self.. try to check foot print that i left far away behind me.. Trying to look back the path i have took..
Yes..i can see the mistake i have by one.. That mistakes brought me here..the lost world !!
I crlued up my body..tried to flash
Yes..I know this is not a right time for me to comfort my self..
But..come on, i need time to figure out !! I need time to fix it !! Not all thing can be fix easily.. Thi is life crisis..I don;t want to cry all night long for the rest of my life.. NO WAY !!
I know i can't return back..but i still have a chance to fix the things.. So, please let me cuddling my self here for a while to think.. My eyes must be sharp to catch all the mistakes that i might be overlooked.. My brain must be wisely th…