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Self to Self

Dear Self,
I really wanna ask “how are you feeling now?” but i know is an appropriate, i know you are not in a good condition since last few weeks..
I know its hard for you to handle an over-smart-new colleague.. but trust me..its gonna make yourself a great leader someday..
Be patient, i know you can manage your anger and emotion.. you are good in that..did i just admit that you are the very excellent anger manager?? I suppose i am..
I believe in you..
There is a though time.. all people have them.. you gonna be okay.. soon.. trust me..
Self, What you need now is strength.. and i know you will find it in you..


Self Owner

Spanish vs French

I am Malaysian..
Can speak English quite fluent with sort of accents..
Excuse me..

I have learned Spanish..started with the telenovela..
"Maria Mecedes"
"La Intrusa"
"Mis Tres Hermanas"

Then i learned it more and more and thank you to my Friend the a d-jay came from Puerto Rico who teach me a lot..


I can speak Spanish..
But not French..
But i am in learning progress to master French..

I found that French language is beautiful..
But still, i can't easily catching up..
The word spell and the pronunciation have a huge different..
Compared to Spanish..
Much easier to spell and pronounce..

I love this both languages..
I love the Royal History of France..
But the book i have read written in English of course..
I have a very difficult time on pronunciation part..
I always, wrongly pronounce even a French Name..

What a shame..
I'm still trying here..
Trying not to be a perfect one..
But at least trying to be good to a good enough..


In this age..
32 years old !!

I am mature enough to appraise people..

I am "Don't Trust People" type of person !!

Yes.. I am..

I make friends everyday and everywhere..but i only keep few surrounding..
Because there is so many "FRIENEMIES" out there..

In this age..
I don't need a friend who talk behind other friends..
I don't need a friends for girl talk about that boy or that man..
I don't need a friend who asked me for hang out every day and night..
I don't need a friend who judge me for what i suppose to do or what i not to do..
I don't need a friend who spread a bad story about me..
I don't need a friend who stab my back..

What i need..
A friend that i can call sometimes to talk at least 20 minutes on the phone..not a serious talk..just a normal story..
A friend who can spend at least 1 hour at Mamak to share "what happened to you" then go back home..i love to spend my time indoor instead of outdoor..
A friend that i can sh…


Sometimes.. All the things that i had planned went upside down.. Suddenly i lost the view was so hazy.. The path i took no longer the right one.. I feel so weak..
Then i tried to have self-refelection..
Try to find my self.. try to check foot print that i left far away behind me.. Trying to look back the path i have took..
Yes..i can see the mistake i have by one.. That mistakes brought me here..the lost world !!
I crlued up my body..tried to flash
Yes..I know this is not a right time for me to comfort my self..
But..come on, i need time to figure out !! I need time to fix it !! Not all thing can be fix easily.. Thi is life crisis..I don;t want to cry all night long for the rest of my life.. NO WAY !!
I know i can't return back..but i still have a chance to fix the things.. So, please let me cuddling my self here for a while to think.. My eyes must be sharp to catch all the mistakes that i might be overlooked.. My brain must be wisely th…

Hati dan Mereka

Miss him already.. Bonda hope that you will grow up healthy and happily !!